Design Philosophy

“Everytime His Lips Met Mine”… Brooch from the Flight of the Imagination Collection.


My art work, particularly the Self Love series is inspired by compassion, nature and my experience with yoga and meditation, and is dedicated to the importance of self love and emotional wellbeing. It aims to evoke a sense of kindness and mindfulness with the occasional pinch of humour and puns. While at first glance my work may appear delicate with a sense of fragility, it is usually underpinned by layers of symbolism and depth.


My jewellery work is based around the notion of three-dimensional collage; a juxtaposition of decorative fragments, shapes, and forms, that are inspired by architectural detail and the second-hand furniture discovered in antique shops. During my design process, each individual fragment assumes an identity with its own special tale. However, the metal work also aims to evoke a surreal sense of narrative from the wearer, allowing them to delve into their own individual world of fantasy, fuelled by their own imagination.


This concept is echoed in my two-dimensional collage work, which encapsulates the essence of surrealism by integrating vintage style fragments and forms to portray a dreamlike story.