Just breathe, and count to zen!


“Let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen!” – Rumi

Last week, I enjoyed a mass meditation on a beautiful Melbourne morning with an energetic bunch of like-minded strangers and the Smiling Mind crew, to help launch their Annual Awareness Campaign. Those who know me know that I bang on about the significance of mindfulness at every opportunity. Now, during Mental Health Month, it’s time to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing more than ever. A healthy mind is equally as important as a healthy body. As a teacher, cultivating the emotional wellbeing of my students is a top priority. 1 in 7 primary school children, and 1 in 4 secondary school students suffer from mental health issues. Hearing these alarming statistics has made me even more determined to integrate mindfulness activities into my teaching practice, and I would urge other teachers to do the same. However, I am absolutely ecstatic to report that Smiling Mind are working on introducing mindfulness into the Australian curriculum by 2020. Smiling Mind, as well as many global wellbeing organisations, are doing a fantastic job at promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, and supporting adults, educators, and children through various mindfulness programs. Using an app to guide daily mindful meditations are a free, effortless and effective way of boosting your happiness and wellbeing. My daily meditation practice is currently facilitated by a delicious mix of Smiling Mind, 1 Giant Mind, and Headspace, all of which have fantastic features and are suitable for beginning meditators. What are you waiting for? Download an app, breathe, and count to zen!


Smiling Mind mass meditation at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne… Can you spot me?

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4 thoughts on “Just breathe, and count to zen!

  1. Eileen on said:

    Hi Suzie,

    You are a lovely person, carrying on the family tradition of being a caring , thoughtful, human being .You have achieved so much in your short life and will go on to reach greatness because you are a truly god person and can only get better by openning your mind . Wish you well in all you do, love Eileen. Xxx

  2. ‘breath and count to zen’ – I love this sentence! Great post!

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